007A Sample Midterm 2

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This is a sample, and is meant to represent the material usually covered in Math 7A for the midterm. An actual test may or may not be similar.

Click on the  boxed problem numbers  to go to a solution.

 Problem 1 

Evaluate the following limits.

(a) Find  

(b) Find  

(c) Evaluate  

 Problem 2 

Use the definition of the derivative to find     for the function  

 Problem 3 

Find the derivatives of the following functions. Do not simplify.


(b)     where  

(c)     where  

 Problem 4 

Assume    denotes the size of a population at time    and that    satisfies the equation:

Let    Graph    as a function of    and identify all equilibria. That is, all points where  

 Problem 5 

A kite 30 (meters) above the ground moves horizontally at a speed of 6 (m/s). At what rate is the length of the string increasing when 50 (meters) of the string has been let out?

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