004 Sample Final A, Problem 16

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1) How do you solve for in the equation ?
2) How do you find the zeros of ?
1) You square both sides of the equation to get .
2) You factor to get . From here, we solve to get or .


Step 1:
First, we get the square root by itself. Subtracting 5 from both sides, we get .
Step 2:
Now, to get rid of the square root, we square both sides of the equation.
So, we get .
Step 3:
We multiply out the right hand side to get .
Step 4:
Getting all the terms on one side, we have .
To solve, we can factor to get .
Step 5:
The two possible solutions are and .
But, plugging in into the problem, gives us , which is not true.
Thus, the only solution is .
Final Answer:

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