004 Sample Final A, Problem 12

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Set up, but do not solve the following word problem. Two private airplanes travel toward each other from cities that are 780 km apart at speeds of 190 km/hr and 200 km/hr. They left at the same time. In how many hours will they meet?

What is the formula for distance?
The formula for distance is d=rt where r is the rate and t is the time.


Step 1:
The distance formula for the plane traveling 190km/hr is .
Step 2:
The other plane starts off 780km away from the first plane. So, this plane's distance is 780-d where d is the distance of the first plane.
So, the distance formula for this second plane is .
Step 3:
Now, adding these two equations together, we get . So, hours.
Final Answer:
2 hours

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