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Some useful pages

This page has a description of even and odd functions

Graphing Rational Functions


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1.2 Graphs of Equations

1.3 Lines in the Plane and Slope

1.4 Function

1.5 Limits

1.6 Continuity

2.1 The Derivative and the Slope of a Graph

2.2 Differentiation

2.3 Rates of Change

2.4 Product Rule and Quotient Rule

2.5 Chain Rule

2.6 Higher-Order Derivative

2.7 Implicit Differentiation

2.8 Related Rates

3.1 Increasing and Decreasing Functions

3.2 Extrema and First Derivative Test

3.3 Concavity and the Second-Derivative Test

3.4 Optimization Problems

3.5 Business and Economics Applications

3.6 Asymptotes

3.8 Differentials and Marginal Analysis

4.1 Exponential Functions

4.2 Natural Exponential Functions

4.3 Derivatives of Exponential Functions

4.4 Logarithmic Functions

4.5 Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

4.6 Exponential Growth and Decay

5.1 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integral

5.2 Integration by Substitution and the General Power Rule

5.3 Exponential and Logarithmic Integrals

5.4 Area and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

5.5 The Area of a Region Bounded by Two Graphs

6.1 Integration by Parts and Present Value

7.1 The Three-Dimensional Coordinate System

7.3 Function of Several Variables

Sample Exams

Sample Exam 1, A

Sample Exam 2, A

Sample Exam 2, B

Sample Final A