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The following graduate students at University of California, Riverside have contributed their time and efforts to building content and maintaining this website:

Matthew Lee

008A_Sample_Final_A 005_Sample_Final_A Math_5

Kayla Murray

004_Sample_Final_A 009B_Sample_Midterm_1 009B_Sample_Midterm_2

John Simanyi

John is a very important content developer. In addition to building pages, making sure the math is vertically aligned correctly, and helping with the visual organization of pages, he has personally created many of the more professional looking images and videos. John's contributions can be seen on the following pages:

Graphing in Polar Coordinates Overview of Series Tests 022 Exam 1 Sample A 009A Sample Final A
Limit of a Function(Definition) The Limit of (sin x)/x 022 Exam 2 Sample A 009C Sample Midterm 3
Unit Circle Trig Values Mathematical Induction 022 Exam 2 Sample B

Tri Phan

Lines in the Plane and Slope Math 22 Functions Math 22 Graph of Equation Math 22 Limits
Math 22 Continuity Math 22 The Derivative and the Slope of a Graph Math 22 Differentiation Math 22 Rates of Change
Math 22 Product Rule and Quotient Rule Math 22 Chain Rule Math 22 Higher-Order Derivative Math 22 Implicit Differentiation
Math 22 Related Rates Math 22 Increasing and Decreasing Functions Math 22 Extrema and First Derivative Test Math 22 Concavity and the Second-Derivative Test
Math 22 Optimization Problems Math 22 Business and Economics Applications Math 22 Asymptotes Math 22 Differentials and Marginal Analysis
Math 22 Exponential Functions Math 22 Natural Exponential Functions Math 22 Derivatives of Exponential Functions Math 22 Logarithmic Functions
Math 22 Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions Math 22 Exponential Growth and Decay Math 22 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals Math 22 Integration by Substitution and the General Power Rule
Math 22 Exponential and Logarithmic Integrals Math 22 Area and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Math 22 The Area of a Region Bounded by Two Graphs Math 22 Integration by Parts and Present Value
Math 22 The Three-Dimensional Coordinate System Math 22 Functions of Several Variables Math 22 Partial Derivatives