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== Definition of the Derivative ==
== Definition of the Derivative ==
<span class="exam">[[022_Exam_1_Sample_A,_Problem_1|<span class="biglink">&nbsp;Problem 1.&nbsp;</span>']] Use the definition of derivative to find the derivative
<span class="exam">[[022_Exam_1_Sample_A,_Problem_1|<span class="biglink">&nbsp;Problem 1.&nbsp;</span>]] Use the definition of derivative to find the derivative
of <math style="vertical-align: -15%">f(x)=\sqrt{x-5}</math>.
of <math style="vertical-align: -15%">f(x)=\sqrt{x-5}</math>.

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This is a sample, and is meant to represent the material usually covered in Math 22 up to the first exam. An actual test may or may not be similar. Click on the  boxed problem numbers  to go to a solution.

Definition of the Derivative

 Problem 1.  Use the definition of derivative to find the derivative of .

Implicit Differentiation

 Problem 2.  Use implicit differentiation to find at the point on the curve defined by .

Continuity and Limits

 Problem 3.  Given a function  ,

(a) Find the intervals where is continuous.
(b). Find .

Increasing and Decreasing

 Problem 4.  Determine the intervals where the function  is increasing or decreasing.

Marginal Revenue and Profit

 Problem 5.  Find the marginal revenue and marginal profit at , given the demand function

and the cost function

Should the firm produce one more item under these conditions? Justify your answer.

Related Rates (Word Problem)

 Problem 6.  A 15-foot ladder is leaning against a house. The base of the ladder is pulled away from the house at a rate of 2 feet per second. How fast is the top of the ladder moving down the wall when the base of the ladder is 9 feet from the house.

Slope of Tangent Line

 Problem 7.  Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of at the point .

Quotient and Chain Rule

 Problem 8.  Find the derivative of the function . You do not need to simplify your answer.

Marginal Cost

 Problem 9.  Find the marginal cost to produce one more item if the fixed cost is $400, the variable cost formula is , and the current production quantity is 9 units.